Founded in 1953, the Driving School Association of California is a not-for-profit corporation comprised of driving school owners, operators, instructors, and other concerned parties throughout the State of California. Our Association is dedicated to the principle of “Progress Through Cooperation” in the field of Driver Education and Traffic Safety.  The DSAC is the oldest association of its kind and remains one of the largest and most influential group of driving educators in the world.

DSAC Member Pledge

I am an educator and a professional business person and I pledge to always conduct myself and my business accordingly. I will do all that I can to contribute to the dignity, growth, development, and upgrading of the profession. I shall strive for strict and fair enforcement of all laws and regulations. I shall maintain a scholarly attitude toward driver instruction and professional growth. I shall remain always mindful of the obligations and responsibilities to the public, my profession, and my colleagues.

Legislative Efforts

For 63 years the DSAC has created “Progress Through Cooperation” on the roads of California.  Working closely with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the California State Legislature, and other road safety partners the DSAC has been instrumental in implementing life-saving laws and regulations related to the training and licensing of novice drivers.

Strategic Partnerships

In addition to its legislative efforts the DSAC has is an essential force in the ecomonics of the driving school industry. The DSAC helped to reform the auto insurance industry; dramatically reducing the insurance rates of driving schools. Through it’s strategic partnerships the DSAC has also developed with vendor companies that provide services to the driving school industry.

Continuing Education Seminars

The DSAC has and continues to improve its industry by implementing and improving the highest standards and requirements for driving schools and instructors.  Thousands of owners, operators, and instructors have attended DSAC Continuing Education Seminars where they improve their skills, gain knowledge of new teaching techniques and laws, and gain access to instruction tools and materials,  allowing them to put safer drivers on the road. Guest speakers consistenly include the California Highway Patrol, Cal-Trans, the Department of Motor Vehicles, Donate Life, the California Employment Development Department, and other nationally respected organizations.

Corporate Governance

The Executive Board of Directors are elected by the membership every 2 years. The current executive Board Members are:

  • President: Frank Boutelle Handicap Driver Training
  • Vice President: Christopher Armington Autbahn Driving School
  • Treasurer: Adrian Lopez AA Teen Driving Academy
  • Controller: Paul Wilbur Referee’s Driving School
  • Secretary: Cris Armington Autobahn Driving School
  • Past President: Josh Mayes Drive Happy

Also serving the Association are the Committee Chairpersons. They are elected by the Executive Board of Directors. The current Committee Chairpersons are:

  • Continuing Education Seminars: Hale Gammill Drivered.com
  • Ethics and Standards & Ambassador: Ken Seguine La Mesa Driving School
  • Driving School Association Of The Americas Representative: Hale Gammill Driversed.com
  • Mailings: Vanessa Lim Boutelle Handicap Driver Training

The Association also recognizes and appreciates the continued involvement and support of it’s Past Presidents. The past presidents are:

  • George R. Hensel 1953
  • Jim Vivian 1978-1979
  • Linda Murphy 1980-1981
  • Jim Vivian 1982-1983
  • Hale Gammill 1984
  • Roger Kraft 1985
  • Hale Gammill 1986-1987
  • Ron McNees 1988
  • Bill Castro 1988-1995
  • RobertJ. Stahl 1996-1997
  • Jim Gero 1998-1999
  • Kristine A. Bistline 2000-2002
  • Troy Carter II 2003-2004
  • Henning Mortensen 2005-2006
  • Robert J. Stahl 2007-2013
  • Joshua S Mayes 2013-2017

Board Meetings & Continuing Education Seminars

The Association Board of Directors meet in person three times a year. All members and those interested in becoming members of the Association are welcome to attend a Board Meeting.

Board Meetings & Continuing Education Seminars

  • Oxnard Board Meeting: October 27th


  • San Jose: February 23, 2018
  • Palm Springs Board Meeting: May 3
  • Lake Arrowhead: Fall 2018